4 Creative Uses for the New Instagram Gallery Feature


Over the last year, Instagram has greatly ramped up its capabilities – by tackling Snapchat with Stories and Instagram Direct, entering the world of live video. The platform is making all things possible when it comes to videos and photos. And the new galleries feature takes this one step further.

One common complaint about Instagram has been the difficulty of uploading multiple photos at once. Users have a choice: part with many of their photos and post only their best few or ignite Instagram chaos and post all at once (result: disgruntled followers as their feeds are clogged with photos of your vacation). Instagram listened and resolved the issue with its galleries update, allowing users to post up to ten photos at once. See Instagram’s video explaining galleries here.

How does it work?

Select up to ten photos. Tap and hold to adjust the order; the first photo will be the one displayed on the profile feed. Then choose a filter – either one filter for everything at once, or select individual filters for each photo. Then it’s as simple as adding a caption and pressing upload.Instagram Gallery

Here’s what will change with the display – on a profile feed, an icon will show in the right-hand corner, indicating it’s a gallery. On the home feed for followers, users will scroll down to your posts and see several little dots below your photo, signifying that there is more to see. Users can then flip through the photos. The only format for gallery photos is the standard square and only one caption is allowed for the gallery, but Instagram used the words ‘for now’ so this may change.

Creative Ways to Use the Galleries

Catalog: One of the first ideas that came to mind was a mini catalog, showcasing the latest products. This can work well for B2B and B2C businesses alike.

How-to: This can be instructions for a product, some DIY idea, or for some businesses, a recipe. Break down each step by photo in the gallery.

Company Event: A holiday party, team outing, charitable event – show some of an event’s highlights with the gallery feature.

Behind-the-Scenes: Give users a glimpse of your work culture or your work process. Followers can flip through and get an idea of “who” the business is.

More Flexibility than Ever

Save the time agonizing over which picture is best to post, and post them all. Like Facebook and other social networks, it’s no longer an issue to post multiple pictures at once. Get creative and use this new feature to make your business stand out. It also helps if you utilize it now – there’s a certain premium on the attention you’ll receive if you do it before other accounts normalize it.

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by Linsey Stonchus

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