About Hot Potato

Social media marketing is as hot as baked potato fresh out of the oven, for good reason. When executed well, social media can serve up dramatic and measurable marketing results. High search authority. Lead generation. New customer acquisition and more. Yet effective social media implementation eludes most brands. Clients don’t have expertise on staff, or are not prepared for the time and resource commitment. Traditional agency partners or consultants say they have the expertise, but only provide half-baked advice.


That’s where Hot Potato Social Media can help. The Hot Potato team of social media experts guide you through our  streamlined process:  Plant, Grow and Harvest. While training you and your staff on how to establish a sound strategy, detailed plan, action calendar, and reporting mechanisms. The Potato Heads can set you up and get you goin, fix an existing bad recipe, or manage ongoing social media marketing. Turn-key or ala carte!


So go ahead and poke the potato. Take a look around. Be sure to ask a question or share an idea. Request a free sample–not the potato skin appetizer–a complimentary* Social Media Marketing Evaluation (*qualified brands only). Grab your oven mitt, and make friends with a Potato Head today!


Hot Potato Social Media Recipe


Potato Buffet – Menu of Social Media Services

Social media has transformed the way people AND brands communicate. How companies build internet search authority and drive sales. Hot topics thrive and go viral – if something is popular or ‘hot,’ people will pass it on – like a hot potato.  Following is a partial menu of  Hot Potato Social Media Marketing (SMM) services:


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Our Recipe

PLANT:   Social Media Analysis and Planning! More often than not, brands throw thems..
GROW:  Build Your Presence! The second phase of effective social media marketing is ..
Harvest:  Lead Generation, Measurement and Reporting! The third phase of effective s..