The Major Advantage that Instagram Stories has Over Snapchat: Visibility


If you’ve ever seen our blog on scary Snapchat stats, you’ll know that engagement is extraordinarily high, but marketers have one major issue: users prefer friends and family over businesses and celebrities. Without a follow on Snapchat, users will never see your Story. Snapchat has a significant visibility issue; an issue Instragram Stories don’t seem to have.

There are three reasons why Instagram Stories are more visible:

  1. Instagram users are more likely to follow brands.
  2. Instagram Stories are public.
  3. Instagram Stories are at the top of the page.

We go into further detail below.


Instagram Users are More Likely to Follow Brands


84% of Snapchat users rarely to never watch the branded ‘Discover’ stories. Additionally, 64% of Snapchat users do not follow a celebrity on the platform. I couldn’t find any statistics on how many Snapchat users follow brands, but if the other 2 statistics are any indication, it seems like Snapchat users want to follow accounts that are more personal. Celebrities and brands are too polished for the raw content users love on Snapchat.

But this Snapchat weakness is Instagram’s strength. Instagram is meant to be more polished. Feeds tend to be very intentional and visually appealing. As a result, users love to keep up with their favorite celebrities and brands on the platform. In fact, 53% of users follow brands they like, a higher rate than any other platform.

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Snapchat Stories are Secluded; Instagram Stories are Public


The only way to view a Snapchat story is to follow a user. If you don’t follow, there is no way to view it. Instagram, however, made all Stories public, excluding private accounts. All an Instagram user needs to do to view the Story of someone they don’t follow, is to click the profile picture on the user’s page. Accordingly, someone looking up your brand’s Instagram will find the page and be able to view your Story.


Instagram Stories Get TOP-Priority


Top, as in, your Instagram Stories will be at the top of the Instagram feed. This puts them in prime position to be viewed by any Instagram user, and ensures that they won’t get lost in the regular feed. This placement on a platform where plenty of users are already following brands makes it very easy to reach consumers.


Proof in the Numbers


Nike saw a significant difference in the number views on their Instagram Story when compared to Snapchat. On the first day the Instagram feature was available, Nike saw 800,000 view within 24 hours. In contrast, Nike’s most-viewed Snapchat video received 60,000 views. That difference is staggering.

Ultimately, Instagram Stories have great potential to be a better marketing tool than Snapchat Stories. This is a result of its increased visibility through better brand reach, public Stories, and top-of-page priority. Snapchat will remain better for personal content, but Instagram is proving to be a major rival.

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by Linsey Stonchus

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