Blogging: A Hot Content Platform

Blogging is one hot potato!  Er, blogging is one of the most critical elements in the digital marketing mix. Why?  Because blogging delivers so many benefits that support search engine optimization (SEO), website traffic, along with lead generation and sales!


First, free blog software comes with a number of SEO features like meta-coding tools for page titles and descriptions, image (Alt) tags, and domain structure. Second, when integrated with your brand website, each blogpost adds an indexed page, along with the opportunity for interlinking and back-linking to the brand website.  Third, social sharing tools can be easily integrated with blogs to, again, build search authority,  as well as, distribute blog content to your social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn). In addition, bookmark tools establish valuable back-links. Certainly, blogging can be the foundation, the engine of your content marketing. Blogging establishes thought leadership, and reinforces brand leadership. Finally, blogs can have offers or calls-to-action (CTA), which can capture sales leads from registrations, or outright sales!


No question, content strategy, planning and execution are always challenging. More on this subject will be featured in our WAY OF THE POTATO blog. Shown here, award-winning blog for the Construction Marketing Association; blogs for Green Home Builder Solutions, and Modern Marketing University.


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