Social Report: Hootsuite Alternative?


Recently, we at Hot Potato learned about Social Report, a social media scheduling tool that offers evergreen content, extensive analytics reports, and scheduling on some unique platforms, like Reddit. These features have the potential to be very beneficial to small businesses and agencies, but how do they stack up next to social media scheduling giant Hootsuite? A description on Social Report’s important features and comparison to Hootsuite follows.

Unique Social Platforms

Social Report offers scheduling options for all the standard platforms that Hootsuite offers – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, WordPress, and Instagram – but it goes beyond that. Some standout platforms you can also schedule on Social Report include Reddit, Tumblr, Vimeo, and Pinterest. The aforementioned platforms can be scheduled on Hootsuite after taking extra steps and downloading additional apps, but on Social Report, this is offered without the additional work.

Evergreen Content Scheduling

Users of Social Report can mark certain content as ‘evergreen.’ This is essentially content that remains relevant, even as time passes. Content marked ‘evergreen’ is then scheduled whenever the account is short on posts. You’ll kill two birds with one stone- reposting your best content and avoiding an inactive social media page.

Analytics Reports

When comparing the analytics reports to those of Hootsuite, it becomes clear that Social Report analytics are exportable while Hootsuite results are not. Plus, Social Report offers Customer Engagement Notifications and a display of Trending Topics to assist you with your scheduling. There are pros and cons to both analytic tools; see more here.

Social Report Limitations

Social Report has some really unique, helpful features; however, are they enough to surpass Hootsuite? Some of the main concerns:

The cost limitation is perhaps the biggest concern. Social Report does not have the scale that Hootsuite does, which makes it a lot more difficult for them to offer low-priced plans. But the fact of the matter is, it’s all about ROI. If you preferred the features of Social Report, but it offered little additional financial benefit, then it simply isn’t worth it. I am, however, impressed with the tool’s creative scheduling solutions.

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